In accordance with our parent organization’s mission as it relates to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom, we know the need to be the change we want to see in our world. Thereby, we have created our own media group out of our original media entity Farm Fresh Media. We now have added to that family and will continue to grow those media assets. All while working with our GTKYF TECH Group, to facilitate the opportunity for the change we desire to see happen in our world.

“Real Media –

Straight from the Horses Mouth –

NOT Lame Stream Media”

*The Original tag line for Farm Fresh Media

So, if you desire a better way to MEDIA – Spread the Message and help us grow this group into the years to come.

“Providing a full contingent of media assets to effect change, and provide factual information related to today’s world. Quality content written with passion and intensity. Assisting with the FREE exchange of information and building STRONG LOCAL communities and economies.”

-Our Mission Statement

This Program along with all of the other awesome programs, projects, and endeavors of GTKYF Foundation Inc rely on your generous donations to keep us going. So, Please consider donating TODAY!