Social Media For Activists


website is NOW LIVE!

Yes, you heard that right! We have built an alternative to that nasty Mark Zuckerburg and his great elephant in the room! Face Book aka FED Book…

In accordance with our belief that the internet belongs to “WE THE PEOPLE” we built a Social Media Platform where we will offer several niche Social media sites, along with some main stream social media options. These are Social Media Options where we DO NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION! That’s right. Social Media for people NOT to make the rich richer… but for the common man.

The first of these sites we launched at the beginning of the year is our Social Media for Activists Site. A Social Media Site built for Activists By Activists. What a concept. Our founder, Ethan The Farmer committed to taking on the big boys in tech, “Taking back the INTERNET for WE THE PEOPLE”! What a NOVEL concept. To date we have built the following platforms:

  • A Relationship Platform: As strong healthy relationships are critical to strong Local communities, farms, and families.
  • A Classifieds Platform: As open FREE local Commerce is essential to facilitate strong communities.
  • A Social Media Platform: Social Media plays a huge part of many peoples involvement in the internet, and their connection to others living life with passion and intensity.
  • A Fund Raising Platform: To facilitate people helping their fellow human, LESS funding big business.

We are also working on these Platforms, and hope to have them LIVE this year:

  • Email Platform: providing communication that your data is NOT sold.
  • Gigs Platform: Helping facilitate strong local economic activity.
  • Events / Meet Platform: Providing tools to organize in your local community.
  • Apps: We are building apps for ALL of our sites, and platforms that will be rolled out as they are LIVE.

Now, You know efforts like this cost a ton of money! Yet, we have stepped out in faith to strive to be the change we want to see in our society. Instead of just complaining about facebook, craigslist, google, and the other massive greed driven tech giants we put our efforts into building a better alternative. Will you consider DONATING today? Helping us to accomplish this monumental goal?